Details of hosting offers available on MLHWeb
MLH Web is open to small business owners.

For a reasonable cost a website is provided that includes a shopping cart, a links page, a calendar, information and gallery pages if desired. The website may have its own domain or may be a subdomain of the MLH Web. A subscription mailing list is also available.

The design of the website can utilize one of the themes offered by MLH Web or graphics designed or owned by the business.

The main page of the website can be changed by the business but should convey a general message to their potential customer. A photo may also be included on this page if desired.
The shopping, links and calendar sections will be accessed from a link on this page.
The shopping section will contain categories as needed by the business to properly organize their products and the choice of categories is up to the individual business.

The site maintenance is handled through a simple form driven system so further payments for updates are not required. The business can maintain their own site, adding new products and removing products as they are sold.
However, personal support is available if needed.

All websites may be directly accessed, however, a link back to the MLH Web will be at the bottom of the website's pages.

A yearly hosting fee will be required. Based on current host pricing this will be around $50-$100 per year depending on the site configuration and features. This fee is subject to change by the host company. The fees for setup and hosting can be spread out over several months if necessary please inquire if you need to stretch it out.

The site content is the responsibility of the individual business, however, if complaints are received content will be reviewed. No illegeal products will be tolerated. Pornography will not be tolerated, however, tasteful art in most art genres is acceptable. Decisions of regarding unacceptable content are final.

Additional questions can be directed to