The Jim Thompson Art Center and DanarHadi Museum, Surakarta POLA - Patterns of Meaning, Batik and Contemporary Art of Indonesia

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Subject: The Jim Thompson Art Center and DanarHadi Museum, Surakarta POLA - Patterns of Meaning, Batik and Contemporary Art of Indonesia
Date: November 13th 2017

Dear Members and Subscribers, 

The Jim Thompson Art Center and DanarHadi Museum, Surakarta are pleased to present POLA – Patterns of Meaning Exhibition, curated by MellaJaarsma, a leading Dutch artist and curator based in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. The exhibition is the intersection between the traditional batik from the DanarHadi Museum Collection and the new commission works by Indonesian contemporary artists. It explores the significant role of the batik in Indonesia’s history and cultural identity. The meaning of batik has changed over the years and its connotations relate to the various aspects of Indonesian culture and society. 

MellaJaarsma says about Batik, “When we look at batik developments in Indonesia, we realize they reflect cultural transfers and changes while they also contribute and relate to political and economic policies. Currently, if we go to the local market to buy batik, we will find piles of cotton silk-screened with batik motifs, fulfilling the demands of batik trends with cheap mass production. When we talk about batik, are we talking about the technical aspects of the wax application and dye techniques on a woven fabric? Or, is this about batik motifs and patterns? There are various definitions and interpretations to sort through as we try to understand the meaning of batik in its cultural context.” 

A part of the historical collection of the DanarHadi Museum in Surakarta has been selected for this exhibition to reflect upon various aspects: 
• Batik as Identity 
• Environmental and Foreign Influences
• Gender
• Political Developments
• Batik as a Commodity

These batiks will be shown together with archival materials and related works by contemporary artists from Indonesia. 
POLA – Patterns of Meaning
Batik and Contemporary Art from Indonesia
14 November 2017 – 28 February 2018 

A group exhibition featuring:
Ace House Collective
With participation of the DanarHadi Museum, Surakarta, 
and supporting artists: AngkiPurbandono, Jim Allen Abel, and Terra Bajraghosa 
Curated by: MellaJaarsma 
Research by: ArhamRahman
Public Program: Lectures by the Curator, Artists, Researchers and DanarHadi Museum Curator will be held on Tuesday, 14 November 2017 from 16.00-18.00 
(The program will be conducted in English with Thai translation)

The gallery is open from 9.00am to 8.00pm, with free admission.
The artists and curator are available for interview upon request. 
For more information: 
Phone: 02.612.6741 
Facebook: the Jim Thompson Art Center




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